Small Modular Reactor Technology, owned by WItkowitz Atomica a.s. from WITKOWITZ Group, is being developed by Czechatom Design Bureau.


Product Description

DAVID is a Czech pressurized water small modular reactor (SMR) with a thermal output of 175MW (50 MWe), designed for decentralized energy generation. The development of SMR technology promises an opportunity to increase the energy security of the Czech Republic. A rapid change in the energy mix is accompanied by a need to rapidly find a specific technical solution for new energy sources. DAVID SMR employs concepts well known by Czech nuclear experts and is based on proven PWR technology.

The Current State of the Project


Decision to start the development of SMR.


The idea of DAVID reactor settled and concept design started.


The concept design is finished, including CBA 5/6 2022.


Works on basic design in progress.


Finished basic design.


Start of detail design and discussions of the conditions licensing.

Key Partners

AFRY CZ s.r.o.

Plant Design Engineer


Nuclear Island Engineer


Concept Partner

International Cooperation

Witkowitz Atomica a.s. has an officially registered representative office in Kyiv, which is intended for negotiating with the authorities regulating the nuclear legislation of Ukraine, the operator of Ukrainian nuclear power plants, and potential customers participating in the energy market. Working consultations are being held with the Scientific and Technical Center of the Ukrainian SE NNEGC "Energoatom" on cooperation in introducing DAVID SMR technology into the national energy system. The signing of MOU with SE NNEGC "Energoatom" is being prepared. A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Witkowitz Atomica a.s. and the Ukrainian State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (DNTC NRS). A tripartite memorandum of cooperation was signed between Witkowitz Atomica a.s., BRESSON POWER a.s., and the Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Witkowitz Atomica a.s. is an official partner of SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CENTER IN UKRAINE (STCU).

Product Presentations SMR 2022 conference in Prague, Czech republic

On October 19-21, 2021, Witkowitz Atomica and Czechatom, under the protection of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, presented the DAVID SMR project to the Ukrainian professional community at the VI International Specialized Exhibition "MINING & MINERALS EXPO - 2021" in Kyiv: https://www.mpo.cz/cz/zahranicni-obchod/podpora-exportu/vystavy-veletrhy/2021/ceske-firmy-z-oboru-tezarstvi-uspely-na-veletrhu-v-kyjeve-na-veletrhu-mining-and-minerals-expo--262406/

SMR Technology Benefits

Areas of use

Smaller Emergency Palnning Zone

SMR designs allow for smaller Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) therefore allow for site selection in the vicinity of settlements.

Obsolete technology replacement

Replacement of obsolete coal and gas fired powerplants

Utilizing otherwise wasted energy

Only realistic power source for carbon-free district heating

District heating

It is the only realistic power source for carbon-free district heating

Saltwater desalination

Saltwater desalination for irrigation of arid areas and obtaining freshwater in remote areas such as islands.

Hydrogen production

Potential for Hydrogen production especially in off-peak times


Gen III+

All coming SMRs designs are Gen III+. That means as safe or safer than any existing plant. Generation IV SMRs will push the safety even further.

Safer than large plants.

Some have additional safety features compared to large plants.

One of the safest energy sources

Nuclear is among the safest sources of energy.


Low CO2 production

Lowest CO2 production per unit of energy of all sources including renewables over the lifecycle.

Spent fuel recycling

There are existing technologies of recycling the Spent Nuclear Fuel with minimum actual waste. These technologies are evolving rapidly further improving their efficiency.

Less land and materials needed

SMRs need small fraction of land and materials per unit of energy produced over their lifetime compared to renewables.


Cost comparable to large plants

Cost to build an SMR based powerplant are comparable with large NPPs

Smaller initial expense

Require much smaller initial expense therefore broadening the potential users and therefore beneficiaries of this technology.

Fast to build

They are fast to build therefore further decreasing the cost of capital.